Tomasz Załęski.
Born 1974 in Płock (PL). He takes photos using Instax, Polaroid, 35 film, 120 film. He is involved in the impresany, creamy and artistic photography. He enjoys the original atmosphere, the avant-garde and horror. Creative and non-templates. He is doing his ideas mainly in the open air. A fan of alternative fashion and unconventional styling. He prefers ranges such as portrait, fashion and act.

Winner of the Corel "In the curved mirror" "Digital Photography" 2006 (PL) competition. Publication in "Mega Zine Lost & found" 2015/2017/2019 (PL), "Foto" 2000 (PL) and EYE-Photo Magazine 2018(AT), Optiko Journal - Analogueue photography in print vol. 2 2020 (UK), author's exhibition 'Tomasz Załęski photographs INSTAX' 2018 (Płock, PL), collective exhibition, integration painting-photography company 2018 (Nowe Miszewo, PL) coordination Marek Konarski, international open exhibition entitled 'Self-portrait in square 2020' (Łódź, PL)

Music passion. Climate enthusiast: Industrial, dark locations and surrealism.

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