• Not Quite Across the Universe

    written by musiekun on 2011-12-15 #places
    Not Quite Across the Universe

    The cool, family place to get your favorite books in a friendly environment. It's also where all the hip kids go to get their nerd on. So, you want an awesome place to people watch? Want to put Batman on one of the lions at the New York public library? Sure, we all do that from time to time. Don't have any issues? Why not head on down to a independent and lomo-friendly comic shop? Jim Hanley's Universe is just the place.

  • Family Click Hunting Trips

    written by musiekun on 2011-11-27
    Family Click Hunting Trips

    Can one camera make a relationship better? It can if it’s a plastic camera. One camera changed my life and helps me raise a creative kid. See how we live in NYC and don’t go absolutely broke having a good time as a family.