How I Met Lomography


Always seeing my friend, Jade, take photos made me want to learn about it. Her room was filled up with photographs and polariods and each photo had a story about it. I would see her use an assortment of different cameras and I wanted one. After I got one of my paychecks cashed, I traveled down to Urban Outfitters and I started doing research on different cameras in the store. My three choices that I could afford were either: The Lomo Fisheye, The Diana Dreamer, or the Holga 135. I really wanted the Diana Dreamer because of it’s pretty light green color, but I realized it takes 120 film and in high school I was only familiar with loading 35mm. After a quick game of eenie, meanie, minie, mo, I finally came up with getting the fish eye. It was now a choice between colors: pink, the hello kitty one, black & white, or red. I ended up getting pink and a few months later I purchased the Holga 135. Once I get the hang of the Holga I plan on either moving onto the Diana or the Lomo AC-A+


written by muhrisah on 2010-12-07

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  1. gnarlyleech
    gnarlyleech ·

    get the LC-A+. you won't regret it