Analog Family Treasure


I was born in a country than no longer exists – Jugoslavija. In 1992, I was 6 and my brother 4, when we left the hometown and country to end up, after a perilous adventure on the shores of the Mediterranea, in the south of France (could Have been worse!). My grand parents who stayed in their city, Mostar (my alias), were chased from their home. The next day a neighbour went to a trash where all their belongings were, and all he could recover was a pile of old family pictures.

Well, not so long ago I stumbled on those, and some more from my childhood in France, and I was amazed to see the artistic quality of some of these! People back then, were a lot more sensible to “the moment”. It feels like they knew how to capture the beauty in the instant… and they were shooting analog…

I liked these pictures so much that I thought I’d scan them and share them with you. None of these were taken by me, but I hope you won’t mind and that you’ll enjoy them!

The album is here:

All my best!

Credits: mrmostarr

written by mrmostarr on 2013-02-16


  1. skippywest
    skippywest ·

    Very interesting fotos! In my childhood I have been there, in former Jugoslavia and also in Mostar.

  2. mrmostarr
    mrmostarr ·

    @skippywest thx! :) hope you liked it

  3. marta1901
    marta1901 ·

    great to read you here aswell :) but let me tell you one thing... from the 92?? haha god you're a baby!