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  • 沙巴美人鱼岛

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    Mantanani, an isolated island off the coast of Kota Belud in the state of Sabah, Malaysia. A heaven for sunshine and beaches, as well as snokelling as the island were surround with colorful live corals. If you are lucky enough, DUGONG, SEA TURTLES and DOLPHINS might be in sight~~

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    So I originally processed these at a CVS, little knowing how badly the printing machine would crop my fisheye circles (right down the center! the horror), so I took them to be reprinted at a local photo place. But they read the film backwards! So now the redscale is redder! The words are backwards! The pictures are reversed! All is insanity!

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    love this film :)

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  • Kiwi Cleaver

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    The reflection of the chaos of the moment forever buried in the steel of an icy glare.

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    actually, this is no-where near swansea, this is north wales but swansea is the nearest city in the location popup menu, oh well!