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  • ""handfoot" to Create Your Own LomoKino…

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    my images to the contest: Create Your Own LomoKino Storyboard Rumble

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  • Life.

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  • Panopticam

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    I made a round pinhole camera with six pinholes all around, initially I wanted to take a 360° picture, but I realized that wouldn't work (because of quantum, I mean, optics). Still, I went ahead and made the camera anyway because I thought the result might be fun. It's a sort of scrambled 360° panorama, with bits of me thrown in as well. I'm happy with the result. I had to scan the long negative in three separate bits and stitch the images together. You can see I changed scanner settings half way through...

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    This tiny box camera from just after WWII has a wonderful look to it and the viewfinder is huge. Uncommon in the US but there are usually a couple from European sellers on Ebay.

  • Unlike Any Usual First Roll That Comes Great...

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    I really have no idea what was happened with my first try a 120mm film roll ever. The emulsion is already damaged when it see with naked eye, the negative is dirty with scrambled black stain, and the exposed images are covered by the pattern on the backing paper. Was all those glitch due to my self develop? I used a paper developer for this time. *fingers crossed. ___________________________________________ Superbroom: 1+7 (60"&15")/14' | Acetic Acid Solution: Stock (60")/1' | Acifix: Stock (60"&15")/14'.

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  • Test rolls - summer 2012

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    I tested a new camera this summer - it seems the light meter is off, so very few came out :(

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  • DIY Film Canister Bag Tags

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    DIY Film Canister Bag Tags

    Traveling a lot and want to have a fun and quirky way to identify your luggage in the airport? Here's a quick how-to on making your own film canister bag tag!

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