Analog Day 9 - Olympus XA2 test day

And it worked! :)

Posted up 8 of the 24 shots I took with it, using way expired Kodak BW400CN film. These were/are just random shots from around my yard, and just driving down the street, but they show that the light seals are all intact, and the camera itself is working. Very compact and small, it makes for the prefect travel camera.

Credits: mrcoffee

Here it is (taken with my cellphone) with a couple of rolls of film next to it, so you can see the size.

Love the size and weight of this little shooter, it is way lighter then my Canon 130SX digital, even if you add the flash. Needs to be cleaned up, but I plan to carry it all the time from now on, especially when street shooting. :)

written by mrcoffee on 2013-05-06