Analog Day - ummmm 6

I did manage to dig out the Pentax ME Super over the weekend, clean it and the motor drive all up, and pair it with my Chinon 50mm F/1.7 lens. Had planned to spend some time Sunday going out and shooting the area of by the river, so I loaded the ME up with some Fujifilm 200 ASA.

Never got out though. Just one of those weekend where you are so busy, you never get the chance to cut loose and just have fun.

But at least I managed to clean the ME up a bit, and if lead me to realize, I can not locate my Canon AE-1 Program, or my Canon A-1. Simply because Iw as thinking about the Winder on my ME Super, and how much I prefer the Canon Winder A2, and the Canon Motor Drive when I had one. The Pextax winder is ok, but seems really clunky next to me Canon gear.

Anyways, I did bring the MESuper into work with me, maybe I can manage to get some shots at lunchtime, or on my way home after work, who knows.


written by mrcoffee on 2013-04-01