love photography since the age of seven (maybe even before :)) started "digital" back in 2004 but never really stopped burning film ;)
still have my first camera (Werlisa Club Color) and first SLR (Praktica MTL5B), in 2012 my Instax love started growing (first with Fuji Instax Wide 210, in 2014 with the Fuji mini 90, mid of 2015 with Lomo'Instant and finally the great Lomo'Instant W_i_d_e :)
still had an older folding camera (found it in a second hand store for some 20 - 30 Euro and initially never intended to use it), but after my first roll of 120 film I think I will use it even more frequently. finally, there is this (maybe slightly overprized, but nice ;)) Lomo LC-A 120 which will hopefully accompany me for my fifth decade.

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