My most unforgettable lomowalk experience

Credits: monkeyalien
Those are my friends, Jerome on the left and Emman on the right. They both are pros when it comes to photography. They use DSLR’s and not lomos though. I can’t afford to buy expensive digital cameras and my Holga was only a hand-me-down from my sister because she stopped using it after she bought a Nikon D50 (BOO!!!! >:/)

As you can see from the photo above, I am a newbie with lomography. The photo was shot at night and is clearly underexposed (woops!) Until now I am still exploring and practicing this so called “art of lomography”. I didn’t have any idea what I was doing but I was having fun. So I just shuttered away and pretended I knew what I was doing! I like to call this the “trigger happy” habit.

so i was happily shuttering away when i was surprised im at the end of my film already!! so what Jerome suggested was I buy a new roll at 711 and he’ll unload the film in his bag… in a dark corner… behind the Malate Church. _

So there we were at the back of the church in a very dark corner under a huge tree. He was the one winding the film because I have sweaty hands. I was holding the bag for him. Shortly, the church bell rang and people started to pour out from the church doors. And the funny thing is the passersby all gave both of us stern looks as if we were doing something malicious :))

and the most memorable part was we went to this very old building known as the Manila Film Institute. There was a story about its construction. Story is that the owner demanded the structure to be finished way ahead of the timeline set for its completion and prompted the builders to rush the construction. So they did. Shortly, the poor but hasty construction of the building resulted to its collapse, killing most if not all of the people working in the building, burrying them in concrete. To cut the story short, the place is famous for being haunted by all those who died in its collapse and me with my two other guy friends with nothing else better to do braved to go in the building and take pictures.

But just as we were ascending the steps to the main door, we were scared! :)) we took one picture and ran away until we were tired. :)) we felt like a bunch of fools but we loved the adrenaline.

unfortunately, all the photos from this lomowalk are all only in my head now because when we were winding the film that time, apparently the corner wasn’t dark enough so my film was overexposed. But still I am very happy to have had that photo/lomowalk. It’s the first experience that started me to love lomography and taught me a very important lesson: take care of your films! ;)

written by monkeyalien on 2011-03-24