• Do androids dream of InfraRed sheep?

    shared by lazybuddha on 2011-09-27

    As I spent more time with her, my love for her grew, matched only by her apathy for me. But I didn't care, she was special and she made me feel special. She was popular in a way I could never have imagined. Just walking on grass felt like being on the red carpet and people came to my home day and night. I flattered myself it was me that drew them but I knew deep down they only sought a glimpse of her. She imbued even the most mundane with a surreal beauty and I envied her...envied her and loved her.

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    The thunderstorm was right in front of my window. So, after a view minutes of watching the lightnings come down, I decided to open the window, take my Lubitel, a gorillapod and a cable release. I let the shutter open for a very long time until finally lightning struck! This was an experiment, so I was very happy that it turned out that good!

  • Lomowalk Landschaftspark Duisburg

    shared by artichekt on 2011-08-29

    We had sooo much luck catching one of the two sunny days in this summer for our Lomowalk in the former furnace plant transformed into a park for leisure and culture - the famous Landschaftspark Nord!

  • Hooray! Achievement Awards Are Here!

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    Hooray! Achievement Awards Are Here!

    We proudly introduce you to the Achievement Awards to the community! We’ll be dishing out these awards when you reach certain milestones of Lomographic excellence – Read on to find out more!

  • Elmo

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    Elmo, my lovely little cat

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