• A new scanner for me!

    written by mochilis on 2011-03-24

    I bought a new scanner today - it's an Epson V500!

  • When Mochilis met Lomography - based on a true story

    written by mochilis on 2010-12-01

    For those of you who read this interview with @panelomo ( and for those of you who didn't... here comes the extended version!

  • My right eye

    written by mochilis on 2010-11-11

    Yesterday, during my ophthalmolgy practice, I had the opportunity to measure my eye's lenght and it is a long one! That made me think about how I see things and how I capture them with my cameras.

  • Three years ago...

    written by mochilis on 2010-11-09

    ... I started going out with Alberto. This is my little homage for this sweet boy.

  • Square One

    written by mochilis on 2010-11-03

    There's no better day to start new projects than New Year's day... or your birthday!