Fear on the joyride

There’s one thing that probably every country in the world knows in one way or another: fairs! They’re full of fun, entertainment, candy and delighted children grinning from one ear to the other. At least that’s what you expect, right? So wrong in this case.
Last September I spent a day at Germany’s biggest and most famous fair: the Oktoberfest. I took pictures of rollercoasters, people dressed in traditional Bavarian costumes, carousels, kids eating candy, and so on. Then I got to a kids’ carousel and thought I’d take a picture of a cute happy child enjoying their ride. I wanted it to be the perfect picture of innocent an pure joy.
You can imagine how surprised I was when I got the developed film from the lab, rifled through the photos and finally got to this particular one. What I had captured on it turned out to be not joy but pure terror! What I imagined to be the photo of a laughing child was actually the photo of a little girl, afraid to death and crying her heart out!
I was so surprised, I just burst out laughing. This is still one of my favorite photos ever!

Credits: miss_lisa

written by miss_lisa on 2011-03-13