• Castle Schleissheim

    written by miss_lisa on 2010-10-15 #places
    Castle Schleissheim

    Castle Schleissheim is situated in Oberschleissheim, about 20 minutes from the city centre of Munich. The site consists of three single castle buildings which are connected by a beautiful park with canals, fountains and wonderful hiding spots that lead away from the main path in a labyrinth-like way.

  • Paradies Color Positive Film (35mm, 100 iso)

    written by miss_lisa on 2010-09-01 #gear
    Paradies Color Positive Film (35mm, 100 iso)

    I'm still new to the Lomo world and still trying out different kinds of films and their effects on the photographed image. My first two or three rolls were shot with Kodak Elitechrome, which was a safe option and produced beautiful results. After that, I was ready for stronger color shifts and more surprising outcomes. Which is where the dm Paradies color postive 100 iso comes into play. I fell in love the moment I saw the first printed results!