• Multiple Exposures for Beginners

    written by carmenism on 2011-02-10 #gear #tutorials
    Multiple Exposures for Beginners

    New to Lomography? Have you been wondering how other people have been able to blend pictures together? You have come to the right place. With the technique of multiple exposure, you will find yourself achieving works of art that digital photography cannot compete with!

  • Secrets to a Great Multiple Exposure Revealed!

    written by paperplanepilot on 2011-02-19 #gear #tutorials
    Secrets to a Great Multiple Exposure Revealed!

    Multiple exposures or MX is one of the main highlights of lomography. It's fun, creative and often ends up with mind-blowing results. But it's not just all about pressing your shutter more than once. There are also some technical tips that you must keep in mind. This guide is filled with guidelines to help both newbie and the semi-newbie lomographers alike to get that perfect MX shot.