So I close my eyes, trying to understand every corner of this blank thought in my mind, analyzing it, trying to tame the void and raise a new born idea.


Something I encounter every day, in many forms. Sometimes easily perceived and persistent, other times hard to reach and easily lost in a melting pot of thoughts.

It is quite a difficult task to be able to see things clear when there are infinite ideas roaming free on the traffic jammed highway that is my brain.

So instead of squinting towards the horizon for a possibly more interesting subject , I try to focus on what’s right in front of me.

Questions ?

Yes… That’s exactly what I’m speaking of. Those question marks… those self creating words that we all ask ourselves, and in my case, probably way too much…

Why ? What ? When ? Who ? Where ?

Possible answers ? An infinity of them. But how to choose ?

And out of nowhere, right in front of me, there it is.

The new born idea. Simple yet interesting. Born from the actual question. Put together like pieces of a puzzle.

written by mikahsupageek on 2010-11-07


  1. herbert-4
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  2. quail
    quail ·

    whats goin on with your back on the last picture dude

  3. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    puzzled up :)

  4. brettac
    brettac ·

    hahaha. "Nothing" turned into something, and it's great. :)

  5. kaelcat
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    this is cool!

  6. kontrast
    kontrast ·

    Very cool man !

  7. mephisto19
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    love the shots

  8. jeabzz
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    tres bon, presque aussi bon que tes muffins ;D

  9. eatcpcks
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    I love that article... Hope to find inspiration soon too!