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    IG: @tomsflicks

  • Japanese Red Autumn by Petzval Lens

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  • 6729 - Pentax K1000 - LomoChrome

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    Happy Birthday, Dear My Grandmother!! (My Grandmother is 93 years old.) Photo of the Day 2015-01-11 Thank you! Lomography International

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  • Arrival to the sacred place

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    To be continued... (DIANA 75mm Premium glass lens use.)

  • Hiller Moor

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    LomoMeeting with frauspatzi, mapix, brommi, zeester, zark and evalina.

  • The Non-Catholic Cemetery

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    According to the ecclesiastical laws of the Catholic Church, Protestants can be buried neither in Catholic churches nor in consecrated ground. Nevertheless, burial places for non-Catholics came into use comparatively early in some much-visited Italian harbour cities, such as Livorno (from 1598) and Venice (from 1684). There are also non-Catholic cemeteries in Florence and Bagni di Lucca. The Cemetery for non-Catholics in Rome dates back to at least 1716 when records show that members of the Stuart Court in exile from England were allowed by Pope Clement XI to be buried in front of the Pyramid. Other non-Catholics, many of them young people on the Grand Tour, were also allowed to be buried here. The land then and now is adjacent to two ancient monuments – the Pyramid of Caius Cestius dating to approximately 12 B.C. and the Aurelian city wall - that form an impressive backdrop for the Cemetery. The earliest grave of which traces have been found is that of George Langton, an Oxford graduate, who died in 1738. His remains, covered by a lead shield, were found in 1929 during excavations. The first North American (eighteen year-old Ruth McEvers) was buried in 1803 and in the same year Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Humboldt, Prussian minister resident in Rome, buried his nine-year-old son Wilhelm. Between 1738 and 1822 more than sixty people were buried in that area. In 1821 the Pope forbade further burials in front of the Pyramid and granted instead an adjoining area of land which was surrounded with a wall (the “New Cemetery”). In 1824 the Holy See gave permission for a protective moat to be dug around the Old Cemetery. The New Cemetery was twice enlarged during the 19th century. The second and last extension in 1894 gave it the dimensions and scale that it occupies today. A chapel was built in 1898. In 1910 a formal agreement with the Mayor of Rome, Ernesto Nathan, defined the Cemetery as culturally important and thus to enjoy special protection. In 1918 it was declared: "Zona Monumentale d’Interesse Nazionale".

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    developed with Kodak D-76 stock (20°/6,75 minutes)

  • sunday morning at the beach in nice rubberboots

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    maybe it was too cold and too clammy for my old praktica...after 3 hours the shutter freezes in. Just 17 shots out of 36 of this very nice roll of old Kodak Royal 100.

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  • Hip²

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    Used my homemade splitzer and the square frame in the back of my LC-Wide.

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  • Grunewald walk

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  • Akula Jr.

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    Picked up a 1986 Pentax ME at the thrift store for my son - we had fun running film through it.

  • Miraishin no Oka

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    Horizon S3 Pro / Lomochrome Purple XR 100-400 I think purple film were not suited for this place.

  • Mamiya RZ67 / Velvia 50

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    a few squares during that first week in France

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    the lights

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  • walkabout test roll....

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    So here is a quick test roll from my new Leica IIIf which I snapped up a little while ago. This camera is much more challenging than all my other rangefinders however if you nail a shot you definitely do!

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    Started the roll in Singapore and finished in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

  • walkabout test roll....

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    So here is a quick test roll from my new Leica IIIf which I snapped up a little while ago. This camera is much more challenging than all my other rangefinders however if you nail a shot you definitely do!

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  • LC-A+ RL is Back!!

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    I've been using Nikon FM2n for too long, so I give a chance to my beloved RL for show off

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    Helios 44-2 Lens

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  • Namibia

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    Hardap...on the way to Hardap-dam

  • 厦门跨年

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  • Christmas Cookies :)

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  • Peles Castle

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    Film: Azopan (Made in Romania) Expired: 07/2005

  • COWS

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    This time, I scanned the roll using different kimds of setups

  • Home again

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  • January

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    Sun and fun

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