1to12 - Lubitel 166+

“One to twelve”

Credits: mephisto19

In this new series of multiple exposures, the paper back number indicates the number of exposures, so frame one is one exposure, frame two two and so on until twelve. That means that all collages of 12 photos contain 78 single layers.

There are two ways of using this technique: one with a tripod where only moving objects indicate that something is happening or the free versions where I walk or even move the camera to add an extra layer of geometric thinking.

This series is about capturing time. Is a photo with a single layer as “real” as a multiple exposure that almost looks the same? I also consider the set of twelve photos as ONE image as they belong together and every single exposure can only function as part of the entire work.

The location is chosen biographically.

So this is one of my favourite Lubitel 166+ shots – an entire film of the same location. This location is very special. It is the garden of the dome of Utrecht and it is so nice to just sit there – or to go there to take photos. This photo is a very conceptual approach to a location and to photography itself.
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written by mephisto19 on 2013-08-30