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Oh my god. I am impressed. Highly! I just stumbled over an incredible LomoHome, the one of @vladimir_scherbinin
There are only eleven photos. Eleven, a so little number, that you write it not with ciphers, but the are really WOW! Eleven photos that, if you want to name a genre, could be street photography. He captures those little special moments, mostly of social interaction.
The image that made me stop was this one:

We see a man with huge looking glasses, standing there looking at something and in the background we see three young boys looking at that man – or are they looking at the photographer, so in the end at us?
All these photos have funny aspects, things out of the normal, like the old lady with way too short legs waiting for something, a bus or train.

But it is more. Those photographs also contain the social pressure of being different, those people that fall out of society, those people that do things differently.
You must have a look at this LomoHome and I really hope it is growing!
A warm welcome here on Lomography!

written by mephisto19 on 2013-02-06


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  2. vladimir_scherbinin
    vladimir_scherbinin ·

    mephisto19,thank you for the excellent text on my photos, and for the friendly reception
    senselost, thank you for your comment

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    Der Blick des Meisters halt...Champions League

  4. mephisto19
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    oh... and @vladimir_scherbinin also has a digital portfolio with great photos ja, digital.... you should have a look at him

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    wow! congrats

  6. vladimir_scherbinin
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    Thank you, yet here you can see