Cameras for left handed people and stereo shooters


I am not left handed I must directly say, but I am a stereo shooter, meaning that I have a camera in each hand, so I am always looking for cameras that are easy to handle with my left hand. Some cameras work very well as if they were made for left handed people. Now with my nephew in the phase of deciding which hand to prefer, this topic came up again, as he is tending to be left handed. Our entire family is right handed, so he cannot see how to use his left hand best. Meeting Daphne from Israel in Amsterdam and talking to her about some cameras she mentioned another camera I am adding to the list. Oh, the list.
Let me start:

The first camera I discovered was ideal for left handed people was the Lomography Pop 9 . It is a 35mm camera shooting with nine lenses at the same time, which gives you a mosaic effect of nine photos next to each other repeating the same frame (with a slightly different perspective causes by the little distance of the lenses). It has a built in flash. The advance wheel is on the bottom of the backside and the film is even turning the other way around. It is very easy to use with your left hand.

Credits: mephisto19

Another camera for left handed people has a personal history – the Golden Half. It was impossible for me to get it here in Germany and very expensive to get it via ebay, so I asked my former boyfriend who spent some time in Japan to bring me one. He did and I am lucky owner of a Golden Half since some years now. Funny is I recently saw it in the museum shop of photography museum Rotterdam.
The Golden Half is a 35mm half frame camera taking 72 smaller frames instead of 36. It has two different apertures and a hotshoe flash connection.

Credits: mephisto19

The third camera was a tip by my left handed Daphne friend. She likes to use it a lot, but never thought of that it is because she is left handed – until I told her about the Golden Half. The camera she likes is the Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim. I haven’t got one, but I found a nice article here on Lomography about it, including a gallery with many different sample films.

The Pop 9 takes nine identical images on one print. Transform your environment into explosions of pattern-repeating pop-art with the Pop 9. See it with the rest of our Multilens cameras here!

written by mephisto19 on 2012-07-08


  1. pitfall
    pitfall ·

    Curious thing is that I'm left-handed just for writing. Practically every other thing I do I use the right hand, and that includes includes shooting photos. Maybe I've just grown used to a "right-handedish" world around me and have adapted myself... My camera of choice is the Holga 120 N , the one that has the shutter button on the right side of the lens itself, making it a very tricky camera to trigger using the left hand.

  2. koduckgirl
    koduckgirl ·

    Cool article i never thght of this being rght handed myself but it's true & it is terrible that there isn't much out there for lefties!! Every once in a while I do find i would like to use my right hand to hold something I 'm photographing and i it's a lil frustrating when I then need my rght hand to trigger. Another way would be that trigger attachment