Homography or LomoHomo?

Credits: mephisto19

“What did you say? ‘Lomohomo.com?!?’”
“Does it say ‘Homo’ on your bag?”

It is just one letter that can change a lot. Hot!
This is my to start something on this site for homosexuals, whatever will come out. On the very old site there has been a LomoHome dedicated to show gay photos (taken on gayprides,…)
And maybe the times are good, now President Obama says yes to gay marriage, maybe the times are good to show that homosexuality is just normal also when you are a professional soccer player and go to Ukraine, maybe the times are good now Russia is changing its laws, maybe the times are good because soon there will be the next EurovisionSongContest in a country that is not known for gay rights, maybe the times are goo to start something on Lomography now.
Though I do not know what it shall be, what it can be or what it should be?
So please share you ideas and thoughts. Should there be a new LomoHome dedicated to support homosexuality? Should there be a discussion group or blog? Should there be a HomoFilmSwap?

There will be a EurovisionSongContest event at Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam and I will tweet again (I guess)

written by mephisto19 on 2012-05-11


  1. geracb
    geracb ·

    This is a great idea the more support to the LGBT people the better

  2. geracb
    geracb ·

    This is a great idea the more support to the LGBT people the better

  3. saviorjosh
    saviorjosh ·

    stephan, you finally write something about this topic! bravo!
    this is going to be a great starting point!

  4. dragontw
    dragontw ·

    Love the idea!

  5. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    I always saw this site as a place where people can freely express themselves through the art of photography, over many years has never happened to read hostile comments against anyone only for his sexual orientation or any kind of disrimination. I wish it many other social networks were like lomography.com! However, every little thing that can give strength and courage to those less fortunate people for reason of religion, ignorance, or national belonging is welcome!

  6. troch
    troch ·

    @mephisto19, thanks for bringing this topic forward. I have always experienced this site as open and accepting, as @superlighter comments. As an open, out and proud member of the LGBT community, I have never received anything but support when I upload queer content, but we could do more. As the "It Gets Better" and anit-bullying campaigns across North America show, we still have a long way to go. Because we reach the far corners of the world and everywhere in between, it would be great if there was a home/blog for the LGBT community. It always helps to remind those struggling with their sexuality, whether they are 13 or 93, to know that they are not alone.

  7. gemma81de
    gemma81de ·

    Great suggestion! I actually have several ideas, in addition to a collective lomohome. Which of those are realizable (is that a word?) or which will find the interest of others is to be seen:
    1. A Lomo exhibition of LGBT lomographers from around the world that maybe could even portray the differences of under which circumstances LGBTs are living in their countries (preferably that exhibition should take place in all participating countries or at least in all gallery stores).
    2. A splitzer-doubles project of LGBTs (or straight allies)
    3. A Lomobook (with support of the LSI)
    4. Something similar to the NO H8 campaign, with a shared (universal) motive/message and participants around the world.
    5. Maybe a collaboration with gay right organizations would be possible (for ad campaigns or stuff like that).

    What do you think?

  8. xxxanderrr
    xxxanderrr ·

    Did I read this wrong, or does someone prohibit you from posting "queer" content on this site? If not, I don't see a point for any "special" homohome, mainly as it will spark even more controversy. What would stop straight people from revolting and being like "if gays have their homohome, I want to have my special straight-only-home", same as there is the controversy right now along the lines of "if they have their gay pride parades, I want to have my hetero-parade and go announce that i'm screwing vaginas all over town"
    Sorry if I'm sounding crude here, I just think there may be a lot of people who still consider one's sexuality one's personal intimate business that should not go announced for the whole world, on- or offline.

  9. hxloon
    hxloon ·

    Kudos to @ mephisto19!
    One step forward for happiness to all, cheers my fellow Lomography's LGBT friends.
    Now who wants to do some HomoFilmSwaps with me? =^^=

  10. gemma81de
    gemma81de ·

    @xxxanderrr quod erat demonstrandum

  11. xxxanderrr
    xxxanderrr ·

    @gemma81de :
    the thing is, I've been slammed down a couple of times on this site for articles I wanted to post, both on the international lomo site and some of the language versions. The articles mainly featured photojournalism in war-zones, demonstrations, protests - things that were very dominant at the time I wanted to post them. The reasoning behind not accepting any of it was the following:
    "We'd like to keep this site entertainment and photography only. We don't want to stir political discussions or debates, we don't want to stir religious discussions or debates - there are enough other places for that. We want to keep this site stress-free".
    And I'm sorry to say, but for me this is a double standard. The homosexuality issue has been politicized enough, so going further to develop this on the site *could* stir up the same kind of discussion as a news article about forged elections demonstrations where police beat the shit out of people would.
    I'm not saying I have any problems with the content or with Stephan's ideas in general. I'm just thinking that if something like this goes through, it should be the same for all life-situations, not only those concerning one's sexuality or life conditions in certain places.

  12. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    @xxxanderrr no... i was never offended on that site for being gay only when i told people my website they started making jokes.
    i think it is a difference publishing something on your private blog or submit it to the site. and i also think that sexuality that is other than straight has the potential to include many conflicts. for me it was not easy growing up gay in the german countryside and i missed role models, so the idea of this blog is, to encourage discussion but also start a platform - whatever that may be.
    @gemma81de @superlighter @troch @xxxanderrr @hxloon @dragontw @saviorjosh @geracb thanks for your comments!

  13. hxloon
    hxloon ·

    Your most welcome, warm hugs @mephisto19

  14. gibri
    gibri ·

    i agree @gemma81de for a collaboration, a competition with this theme can be useful and even fun.. because we all have a female and a male part within us! :)

  15. gemma81de
    gemma81de ·

    Just a bit of inspiration - some good LGBT photo projects by Jeff Sheng: www.jeffsheng.com

  16. shoujoai
    shoujoai ·

    Queer Lomohome! YES! www.lomography.it/homes/shoujoai/photos/15791464

  17. aalper
    aalper ·

    Yes! Let's begin a LomoHomo page. I totally have been calling myself that for a while...

  18. exit14
    exit14 ·

    Count me in!! :o)

  19. mephisto19
  20. ihave2pillows
    ihave2pillows ·

    Here're my Homography :-) www.lomography.it/homes/ihave2pillows/photos/15319988

  21. ihave2pillows
  22. ihave2pillows
  23. ihave2pillows
    ihave2pillows ·

    I think the best idea might be to have a Gay Pride Month rumble every year :-)

  24. ftaforever
    ftaforever ·

    What a great entry, man. While I personally love my women:), I go to the Pride Festival with my little brother every year out here in Phoenix and never thought to bring my Holga. A Pride rumble would be awesome!