Win a Kodak Elite Chrome for Doubles with me WINNER

Credits: mephisto19

There have been many comments and many ideas, so it is not that easy to choose.
Generally I am interested in doubles – so if you are up to it, please leave me a message in my LomoHome to talk it through – or you shoot what you mentioned in the blog.

But there can be only one getting this very last film I shot extra for this competition, the “winner”… And it is the idea of bear1973

“There is a modern windfarm quite near me and I can take shots of that. The juxtaposition between the two might be interesting.”

I really like the idea of combining old and new, so please send me a message (or email) with your address and you will get the film asap.

For the others:
Thanks again a lot for joining and as I said: if you are in for doubles drop me a line.


Here is the original blog post:

Yesterday Coralie and I have been to Kinderdijk, a very tiny village in the Netherlands where you can find what every tourist is looking for: Mills, to be exact windmills from the 18th century. They are UNESCO World Heritage and really beautiful!
After satisfying my photo lust I decided to shoot one Kodak EB for doubles with my Revue 35 cc set to 200.
And that is your chance to win the film.
Please write down here in the blog what you would like to add as second layer to the windmills. You have two weeks, so till end of Sunday, 27th of November (CET).

Being impatient I brought one film to the one hour lab and actually expected it to be a La Sardina film. It was one I took with my Revue and I had to see that there were not all photos on, so somehow the camera did not work correctly. So it might be that I only exposed half of the film you can win…!

Credits: mephisto19

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written by mephisto19 on 2011-11-28