Double versus Dubble


Double versus dubble

Credits: mephisto19

Is it because I am getting old that I get mild about digital photography or is it just getting more wise and tolerant? Since getting my smartphone several years ago I had a digital camera included in that thingy that I am carrying around all the time. So why not use it? I downloaded several photography apps (and I must say that it is very handy for your analogue photos to have a lightmeter on your phone) that I am using more or less. Mostly photo sharing platforms like Instagram or EyeEm, where I also upload my analogue photos.
Since a while I am also busy with an app that is actually a dedication to every Lomographer: Dubble. The dubbleapp makes dubbles (attention: not doubles!) out of photos you upload there (so mostly digital shots). You get randomly dubbled with someone else somewhere else in the world.
As Lomographer you are used to doubles. If you are making them with yourself or someone else does not matter. That is an advantage for using the app, as you taking a single for the app think of its qualities as dubble.
Comparing the analogue version (double) with the digital version (dubble) there are some things that come to my mind:
First of all the app is free, but for copyright reasons you have to create an account (email required). Film does cost money, also its development and you never know how the results will come out. With the app you have the chance to redubble if you are not satisfied with a results (which happens quite often due to the high amount of bad (!) selfies (note: not selfies in general), so you can try out what works good and try out your double skills for analogue doubles. For me it takes around three attempts to have a good dubble.). Using film you do not know what comes out have to wait and scan – all qualities that are so good and nice, so analogue and so slowing down. You will judge the results differently than the image on the phone. Making doubles with someone else mostly includes contact. You talk, plan, send a roll of film, sometimes a print, a card or something special from your country, you are connected. The digital dubbling is just giving you a random someone you are not getting in contact with. So all the social advantages of the Lomography community you do not have, though you can find some Lomographers there that you befriend with to see their recent dubbles.
All in all the app is a nice gadget in addition to the regular way of making doubles. You can also try out how a photo works as dubble by redubbling it over and over again. What combinations work, what not?
So if you have a smartphone, download the app, upload an analogue photo or a digital image and try out the possibilities of dubbling.

A link to dubble:

And what do you think? Are dubbles an option?

Credits: mephisto19

written by mephisto19 on 2014-04-17


  1. sushi_9009
    sushi_9009 ·

    Digital is the future..hehe...but i also used my mobilecam for instagram and eyeem for the allday fun and yes, i am waiting also for dubble for Android ::DD

  2. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·