My husband and my mistress...


I can really blame it all on my husband, (lomoname) Wonderdude. I can start by explaining that he may be the hardest man I know to buy a gift for. This past February I was searching in vain for a gift to give him for his upcoming birthday. I entered an Urban Outfitters Store, and stumbled upon a table full of interesting plastic cameras.

Credits: megs79

A light bulb went on inside my brain. I laughed to myself remembering my husband’s fascination with taking pictures during our recent honeymoon to Bora Bora. At times I would tease he was spending more time with his digital camera than he was with me. Would one of these cameras be the “perfect gift” I had been searching for? Then I saw the detail that threw a wrench into my new plan. These cameras needed film. Would he be willing to trade his love for all things new and electronic for something so simple and imperfect? Well, he has surprised me before, so I figured the best thing to do would be do ask him if this would be something he would like.

I went home a did a little more research myself. I found myself getting really excited about these small plastic wonders. I asked Wonderdude what he thought about these little gems. Film? He wasn’t convinced. Although he agreed they did look interesting, he ended up deciding that it probably wasn’t the best fit for him.

Well Hell, I thought.

I realized at this time that I was the one that really wanted one of these cameras. I snuck back into the store over my lunch break and purchased my Diana Dreamer. I was in love with her mint coloring, her 50’s retro design, even her name had me transfixed. I waited a week to load her up with film. We were heading to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and I wanted to christen her in the appropriate manner. The first day I sat in the room for a half an hour just trying to figure out how to load it. Once that struggle was over I threw her around my neck, along with a pile of beads, and headed out to photo document my journey. People pointed and stared at the camera hanging around my neck, and I began to get used to people asking questions about her all the time. I shot away, often forgetting to change the focus, or adjust for lighting, sometimes even accidentally leaving the cap on. I realized my new mistress required a lot more attention than my digital camera. How will I ever get the hang of this I wondered?

I got back home and turned in my photos. After a few days I got a call from the lab letting me know they were in. I rushed to the lab like a kid running down to the tree on Christmas morning. As I thumbed through the images from my negatives I new this was a match made in heaven. I loved how the Diana gave me the ability to change a photo into a work of art.

Credits: megs79

I felt like a huge void in my life had been filled. All my life I had been involved with art in one way or another. I have always been a painter and was even an art major in college. Unfortunately, I realized how difficult it was to make it in the art world. After I graduated from school I found that I had virtually no time or money to devote towards anything art related and I truly felt like a part of me was missing. These cameras have provided me with a cheap, portable, creative outlet and I will be forever thankful. I am glad to report I have found a success in analog photography that I never quite reached in painting. I have even been steadily showing my photos at galleries since May. In essence, my Diana Dreamer, really has made my dreams come true!

I am also happy to report that after a few months of watching my delight with my new lady, my husband decided to give analog a try with the purchase of an LC-A. I think its safe to say he too has taken a liking to the lomo way of life!

written by megs79 on 2010-12-08


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    Nice article and your pictures are terrific. :)

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    good text and photos also!!