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    Answer: Huge! Good grief, my jaw is still sore from where it hit the floor after scanning these. :)

  • Pylons at Sunset

    shared by neversmiling on 2013-09-11

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    shared by gocchin on 2013-06-01

    This is self film swap works by splitzer.I shot upper half in Hong kong at first. Then I shot lower half in Japan with Japanese Kimono lady at a beach.

  • X-Pro Slide and a Bride

    shared by kibs on 2013-02-08

    I loaded some Lomo X-Pro Slide 200 in my Diana and set off for the Botanical Gardens, sure that by x-pro'ing the roll I'd get some color out of the colorless garden in winter. After wandering around the garden I framed a picture of the water fountain feature and noticed a Bride having her pictures taken. Holding a camera can make you bold so I hurried up to where she was posing and asked if I could take her picture, which she very kindly obliged. I X-Pro'd the roll anyway at the risk of discoloring her features but kinda like the way her picture turned out.

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  • Most Popular Photo Last Year: March 21, 2012

    written by juliennekae on 2013-03-21 #news
    Most Popular Photo Last Year: March 21, 2012

    There are some Lomographs that would just leave you amazed and curious enough to marvel how it arrived like that, right?

  • Yaho!! Fisheye Baby

    shared by sobetion on 2013-03-17

    My first roll with Fisheye Baby 110 Metal.

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  • Stratski's Creative Corner: the Janus Cam

    written by stratski on 2013-02-18 #gear #tutorials
    Stratski's Creative Corner: the Janus Cam

    Janus was a two faced Roman god. A fitting name for a camera that exposes film from both sides. And the beauty is: you can easily make a Janus cam yourself!

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    Tungsten shades everywhere :)

  • My first roll of 120 film

    shared by blormore on 2011-04-22

    In my first medium format camera. I really love the feel of this camera!

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  • Powerful Camera

    shared by mylatehope on 2011-02-06

    Why Nicole, that's one powerful camera you got there! Lomo 135 M camera with 35mm Kodachrome (K-14) film processed by Dwayne's Photo 1/25/2011. One of the last Kodochrome rolls EVER developed in history! Scanned with my Epson V700 and my new Digitaliza mask.

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  • Some Photoshoot with Lomonesia

    shared by dreadlockboy on 2013-01-24

    Thanks to mei for the great photoshoot,and i love MX with my Holga...Enjoy :)

  • Where the wild things are- doubles

    shared by ohpleasedontgo on 2012-03-06

    A while ago I had an idea for doubles, but the first try failed, as the first layer wasn't visible at all. Then, a few weeks ago I bought an old Minolata X300 at the second hand shop. It is my first SLR camera and I thought I should give the doubles a second try. For the first layer I shot text and pictures of '' where the wild things are'' (which is one of my favorite books & films) on a black computerscreen in a complete dark room. The second layer was shot at the beach in Scheveningen. I am really happy about the results and I hope you like them too! Thanks to @bloomchen, who answered all my questions about doubles :)

  • Rainbow Love

    shared by nicx on 2011-01-06

    Used a mask in my fish eye a little grainy but like it.

  • 1st La Sardina

    shared by sobetion on 2012-04-22

    My first roll with La Sardina.

  • highway 290 east texas

    shared by rachelstaggs on 2010-12-10

    photo by rachel staggs

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  • 1 day in Marrakech

    shared by neja on 2011-02-13

    I was quite disappointed with the way this film turned up, but I guess I should been waiting for the miracles from the film expired 9 years ago...

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  • autobahn double

    shared by bloomchen on 2012-11-23

    about 10 seconds each.

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    Took me a year to get through this roll for some reason.

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    This is the first test roll of the expired Kodak VPL C-41 film that my good friend Arturo sent to me. He had this in his freezer since 1998 so it's still looks very viable. This was exposed for 100 ISO in the Belair and then cross processed in E-6 chemistry. He had instructed me to expose for 100 then xpro and also push two stops to achieve what he calls his "comic book skin effect" but I wanted to start slow with this. (He used to be a top notch artistic nude photographer)

  • Chemical plant 02

    shared by -l-l-l- on 2010-11-19

    Battlefield homemade pinhole camera. - Legacy pro 100 (pushed @ 200iso) - BW - France Loisirs 200iso - C41 color print film, tortured in various chemicals and boiled - Rollei Retro 200iso - BW

  • Holiday fusion

    shared by rehnholm on 2006-01-05

    2x-po with Ulf, , please check out his wonderful home at :

  • Graffiti in the City

    shared by df on 2008-06-07

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  • Winter EBS

    shared by hodachrome on 2012-12-29

    Exposing both sides of the film(EBS). Shot upper half on a fine day with a splitzer. After finished a roll I reversed the film and set into LC-A again. Then start shooting lower half on a overcast day, also with a splitzer. ISO400 for normal/negative side, ISO200 for reversed/redscaled side. Winter might be the best season for EBS! My article about this technique:

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  • My cousin's wedding

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  • Kendal Tavern

    shared by 110isnotdead on 2012-10-24

    My first attempt at DIY redscaling film. Special thanks to @sibux for the idea- Next time I'll overexpose it a bit more. Come check out my blog post about it :) -

  • LC-A + Kodak Color Plus 200

    shared by silviaphoto77 on 2012-09-11

  • Paint The Light with LC-Wide!

    shared by eva_eva on 2012-04-06

    An outing with Lomography Malaysia!