I've been a fan of Lomography since around 2004; I think I had this Lomohome since then. Life has taken me from North Carolina, to Connecticut (for around 30 years) to New York City, then Austin (it was supposed to be temporary, in 2009!) and hopefully to Portland, Oregon soon. I've traveled extensively in that time, including Burning Man a few times, all over the United States, into Canada and Mexico and Europe.

More is coming, including a bike tour in Iceland, a return to Burning Man ... and who knows where else.

A few years ago in a rainstorm during the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, I bought a new LCA+ and had it with me just about every day since then.

I've been doing photography for a long time; a mix of "professional" or "serious" work and fun things. I always had a Holga or Black Slim Devil or WaiWai or some other cheap plastic camera with me when on journalism assignments.

That hasn't changed.

Recently Lomography loaned me a Minitar 1 Leica-mount lens for a fortnight. It was really a phenomenal lens. My favorite film is still Lomography 400 color print film, it's also the best deal in town.

I also have a Spinner, which is another wonderfully quirky thing. I brought it to Burning Man one year ... and I found out trying to use it whilst riding my bike is oddly difficult. I have film in the damn thing from my wedding, three years ago.

I have a cardboard 120 pinhole camera that I keep forgetting about. I have a few ideas for some pictures I want to do with it.

I have a giant bag of film still to develop (a lot of it is curiously old) and another pile to scan. I'll get to it all eventually.…

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