Lomography in my life!!!


As everything photo- related is kind of hard to be the first in my family…
Mom works with photographic conservation and dad has had a lot of fun taking and developing is own pics back in the day!!

Vaguelly I can remember the first time I heard about Lomo, more especific, a LC+A.
My dad just had the most bizarre idea: get a camera shiped from Russia through on of our friends from there!
Ok, why this man keeps buying bizarre cameras?
I asked myself at the age of 10!

Almost 13 years later, in a sunny sunday in Rio my mom wakes me up “take a look, I have to get on of this cameras!!”
And I’m like, really?? Film cameras all over again?
I want a super, ultra high tech digital one!!
Few minutes more… Mom, I want all of them!!! Where can I buy it?

From this point on the histery began: what camera should I buy, what film is the best, where doi develop…
Since then we have a colection of 3 Lomos + 2 Russians + 1 Lomo I gave to by boyfriend (spreading the word…)
And a Diana Glow is coming for Christman!!!!
So, about 3 months ago this is how it all began!

written by maymosciaro on 2010-12-02


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    There are so many people who got the love from their parents it seems! I definitely did :)