Azoth is a plant that produces ammonium and some other chemical stuff and located in Severodonetsk, Luhansk region, and at the moment it is considered a regional center, but you can't call it a big city in any way. This plant is bigger that city in several times. I'm living in the neighborhood town Lysychansk. This town placed on the hill, you can see a lovely view from our side on Severodonetsk. But i guess on the plant, because it's fills in 60% of horizon, city is just like some addition to this huge industrial landscape. In my town we don't have any jobs, or university, so mostly every day for 6 years i go to Sever, because it's only option for me to gen an education and good work place, it's not so far from Lysyc, you even can walk there on your two feet for a 2.5 hours. And mostly every day i ride through this fucking plant. But i guess it's the best part of the ride. Every time, that we ride near Azoth, i turn on this song "Pointless Experience" by Preoccupations Best soundtrack for me. #bnw #zenit #sovietfilm #filmlosers #industrial #ukraine #donbass

bnw donbass filmlosers industrial sovietfilm ukraine zenit
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