Morton Arboretum, Winter (Double exp.)

The arboretum can be a little drab with colors in the wintertime so I decided to spice it up by using x-processing some Fuji Sensia 100 and double exposing it. Film was processed by me in Digibase C-41 chemistry.

The 1st exposure was of glitter spread out on a black cloth and illuminated with tungsten light. The black background allowed the 2nd exposure to come through much more clearly than the other roll I shot with the medical textbook (white background of the paper).


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  2. marcus_loves_film
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    Thanks for the likes and comments!

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  5. giuli
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    the whole album is brilliant!! well done :)

  6. marcus_loves_film
    marcus_loves_film ·

    @giuli Thanks! I had no idea what the results were going to be until I developed the film. I think it was a success!

  7. vici
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    literally, "dazzling"!

  8. rebeque
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    Genius idea, this looks amazing! I'm so in love with this picture, caught my eye straight away.