Ghost town - 3 - My first redscale

I shot this film on Iso50 and maybe should have even gone to 25. But I'm so happy with the results!!!


  1. traaaart
    traaaart ·

    looks like a cool place

  2. alex34
    alex34 ·

    Maybe best album yet in this series. The Lubitel is an amazing camera considering how cheap they are. The sharpness one CAN get from the lens always pleasantly surprises me, and colour contrast is usually great, as here.

  3. bloomchen
    bloomchen ·

    klasse album. sieht auch echt besser aus als die anderen bilder von der gleichen location. gratuliere.

  4. sommer
    sommer ·

    wunderbares Album! :D

  5. yuliya-sakharchuk
    yuliya-sakharchuk ·

    it's a good colour!

  6. lisa-lisa
    lisa-lisa ·

    Tolle Bilder! Hast du den normalen Redscale verwendet oder den Redscale 50-200?

  7. marcel2cv
    marcel2cv ·

    @lisa-lisa: Dankeschön! :-) Das ist der ganz normale Redscale, nur halt um eine Blende überbelichtet.

  8. kimo
    kimo ·

    This is a really cool album!!!

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