Ruffians in Kelly's Saloon

Fort Edmonton Park's roughest and toughest slamming back the brews in the disreputable Kelly's Saloon. At least seven gun fights.


  1. lyalexandrova
    lyalexandrova ·


  2. mansquatch
    mansquatch ·

    @lyalexandrova Thanks!

  3. lasvamps
    lasvamps ·

    I love it! :O How did you do that effect with the blue and the red? (I'm sorry for my english and for my maybe stupid silly question)

  4. mansquatch
    mansquatch ·

    Thank you! I did a double exposure with blue and red flash, and when I took the second one, I moved one spot over in their circle. It was just lucky that the blue and red faces lines up haha

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