Trips in Czech

So I had opened the map and planned the whole way – the great finish of our trip should be the Sion Castle – better say “the ruins of Sion”, which was the castle of one of the famous Hussite of the Czech history – Jan Roháč from Dubé (and then from the Sion).
But let´s take it from the beginning. There is an old road from Prague to the east, headed to the town called Kolín. The first stop there was in the old town named Kouřim, there is beautiful historical center where is very interesting church placed, with statues and famous bells called Štěpán and Marie. It was built on the beginning of 14 th century. There is also a beautiful hotel-restaurant building but it look so sad and ruined. I hope somebody will repair it soon.

There is small village called Klášterní Skalice near Kouřim. There is a ruin of Cloister. Not able to entry the inside.
Then we discovered a watchtower called Vysoká (means “high”) but very strong wind blowed that day and I didn´t felt so confortable in the steel construction of the watchtower and my boyfriend has a little fears from the holes in the stairs:)) Maybe some other day then:) We managed it to the half of the height of the tower. But in near forrest there was a beautiful ruin of some church, it really was something!
Then we headed to Malešov – a beautiful old fortress was built there, it´s repairing right now and there is no possibility to enter, but it´s beautiful from the outside and also there is a water reservoir.
After this we go to reach Sion. There is entry from the village called Chlístovice. It was hard to find:) There are beautiful forrests, a farm with beautiful horses and also interesting church.
And then, we found legendary Sion. Or what left of it. And so much people there:(
We wanted to take our way back to Prague, but there was some time remaining, so we went to the east and find a small willage named Filipov. All the houses near road looked exactly like this:
Near this village was another one called Žáky with two beautiful ruins
My boyfriend loves one castle near this location, it´s called Žleby and it´s very big and after reconstruction there is a lot to see, also there is a park with white deers and some forrest animals (which were all asleep in time of our visit).
On the way back we took it through the Kolin, there was one thing by the road which took my eye. A chimney.
And that´a all folks. Next time maybe from Moravia.

written by mallorynox on 2011-05-02