Portable Audio Technica Headphones

Once upon a time, being seen walking around town with choosing headphones for schools protruding from your ears would have seen you branded a ‘show-off’ or even as being ‘eccentric’ – because people were expected to be ‘modest.’ Today, though, walking around with headphones has come to be as widely accepted as walking around with a ring on a finger – where having it or not having one is not really such a big deal.

Indeed, portable headphones for this very application (of walking around with) are among the most widely bought headphone varieties, probably outpacing other types of headphones – because it is when people are on the move and when they want to listen to their stuff in privacy without ‘disturbing’ others close to them or ‘broadcasting’ their stuff to others around them that they are likely to need headphones anyway.

As would be expected, Audio Technica, which has made a name for itself making and selling various headphones for a variety of uses has a wide variety of portable headphones for the person looking for headphones to use ‘on the move’ to choose from.

If, for instance, sound-balance is your greatest shopping feature while looking for portable Audio Technica headphones (so that you want the Audio Technica headphones that rate highest in terms of dual balance – in that neither of the ears gets a greater decibel load than the other), then the ATH-CK10 model of Audio Technica headphones might be just what you are looking for. In addition to perfect dual balance, you also get a pair of very compact headphones in ATH-CK10 Audio Technica headphones as an ‘extra’ feature to top of up the perfect dual balance.

If you are looking for portable Audio Technica headphones for use in very noisy settings (so that you are looking for the best in terms of background noise cancellation), then the best product for you would probably be ATH-CK7ASV, which is built of titanium, and which in addition to near-perfect background noise cancellation, is also a super lightweight pair of headphones, making it perfect for you if you don’t want a pair of headphones that will weight you down perpetually.

If, on the other hand, what you are looking for in a portable Audio Technica headphones set is one that rates very high in audio fidelity, (with the greatest audio detail), then the best pair for you to go for would probably be Audio Technica headphones model ATH-CK9, which comes in monochrome (black and white). ATH-CK52W, which is designed with the woman in mind (with a highly feminine design, according to Audio-Technica) is another product that rates very highly in terms of audio-fidelity, as does the similarly feminine ATH-CK1W so that if you are a woman, seeking for a high-fidelity audio technical headphones set, you might find yourself utterly spoilt for choice, between the unisexual ATH-CK9, and the more feminine ATH-CK52W and ATH-CK1W Audio Technica headphone sets.

written by maidah on 2016-11-14