Doubles with @sobetion

Bangkok meets Calgary in this film swap with the great @sobetion!! Thank you for collaborating with me on this film swap. I love the results.

Please check out his wonderful photos if you haven't already:

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  1. grazie
    grazie ·

    Yeah!!!!! @poepel it's Bob!!!

  2. grazie
    grazie ·

    Great doubles!

  3. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·

    Thanks @grazie!!

  4. poepel
    poepel ·

    @grazie yeah the one and only

  5. goonies
    goonies ·


  6. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    these doubles is so so great!!

  7. kibs
    kibs ·

    and @sobetion <3

  8. kibs
    kibs ·

    and @sobetion <3

  9. vici
    vici ·

    and @@sobetion AWESOME!

  10. opon21
    opon21 ·


  11. deepfried_goodness
    deepfried_goodness ·


  12. aguillem
    aguillem ·

    ça envoie du pâté !!!

  13. sebastianbae
    sebastianbae ·

    magazine cover!!! super nice. and what a face!

  14. sobetion
    sobetion ·

    Opppppp!! doubles selected :D :D :D

  15. naiseta
    naiseta ·


  16. jrcolville
    jrcolville ·

    This picture had already been selected.

  17. mrmex
    mrmex ·

    Superb double!!!

  18. lucaro
    lucaro ·


  19. bravebird
    bravebird ·


  20. jetnz81
    jetnz81 ·

    Wooo~ SUPER @sobetion @mafiosa

  21. lilianborges
    lilianborges ·

    suuuuuuuuuuuuper cool!!!

  22. koduckgirl
    koduckgirl ·

    Amazing double w/ @sobetion love the collage effect cheers and thanx for the recent visits and likes too