a beautiful day at the park

i have a river next to my home, a famous one in israel, the YARKON. it is very poluted (now they are trying to clean it) and once they found there a dead little girl in a suitcase- her father threw her in there. you would think it's a pretty horibble place, but no! this river is actually placed in a family park and lots of tourists visit there (they don't see the monument of the little girl, they simply don't stand a chance. it's hidden too well).
but i guess that it's o.k (not the alienation, polution and death but the place)because it's not the rivers fault, he just stood there being a river and sufferd while peole ruined him more and more and had nothing to do about it.
i myself had an awesome day- rode the bike in that park, past the monument like it ment nothing, saw the great view and laughed because life is so wonderful.
Also the river looked so beautiful- all mascurated with the help of the sun. the bridges reflections helped too.