• Bubbles!

    written by lukaaus on 2011-06-12

    Using my giant bubble wand and a homemade bubble mixture my family and I made huge bubbles in the garden.

  • My First Best Picture

    written by lukaaus on 2011-04-03
    My First Best Picture

    My first Lomographic love was the Holga. My brother had bought one recently so intrigued I followed suite. On the second roll of film (first with Black and White) I discovered I had made this image whilst in Finland.

  • Recent times, New Year and Piggie Piggie Piggie

    written by lukaaus on 2011-03-24
    Recent times, New Year and Piggie Piggie Piggie

    Following the million Piggie giveaway this week and its daily entries I have written this blog entry. It is a little bit rushed as I have only just got off from work. I thought I'd include some of my more recent photos and uploads from the new year and recent months.