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  • Splitzer-Doubles Satomi mephisto19

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  • Photokina 2010

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    During the photokina 2010, the Hasselblade booth offers to photographers to try out their cameras and to shoot some great models. Luckily, also lots of other photographers around (like me) had the possibility to take some picturs with their own cameras! I went there many times to see all the models in different dresses and love the results with Diana. The scenerie was done by the photograph Tom Hagemeyer from France.

  • Velocity

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    Going fast, freezing time. Movement, momentum. This is one of my favourite lomographs ever, because I didn´t know how it would turn out until I got my photos back from the lab. I did not think about the outcome when I shot it. I just took it. Don´t think, just shoot!

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    Dippemess is a tradition which dates back to the 14th century. At that time, the Maamess, as it was then called, was a medieval market for domestic articles. Potters from the Westerwald, Kannebäckerland and Urberach came here to sell their wares, especially their ceramic bowls and pots. These were known in the Frankfurt dialect as 'Dippe' from which the event soon took its name. Over the years, more and more fairground booths and popular attractions joined the market as well. The Dippemess today is Frankfurt’s largest fair and a lot of fun :)

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    i made two mistakes: ...first i left the lubitel in B-Mode and took the first picture. ...then i forgot to transport the film to the new frame and took the next picture...wääääähhhh.... ...Now, it is my favorite picture;-)

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  • Lomo Missionzzz 2010

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  • Weserwiesen

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  • Marienkäfer | Bug

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    Kiev 88 with Extension tubes. Film expired 05/2003. Fotos taken in spring/summer 2009. Spezieller Gruß an den Kiev Mitstreiter @pulex

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  • Natürlich schön

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    Natürlich schön

    Die Zukunft ist analog! Egal wie wir uns weiterentwickeln, manches wird in gewisser Hinsicht stets analog bleiben - wie zum Beispiel die Natur. Aus diesem Grund widmen wir diesen Wettbewerb Mutter Erde!