Vegan Vegas Vacation


Recently my wife and I became aware of a certain free concert. And as it should happen, the band performing was one of our favorites.

The location: The Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV
The band: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
The date: February 15th 2011

It was perfect. It was unexpected. It was desperately needed. We had been thinking about going on a vacation but hit a road block with regards to the price-to-fun ratio. Not only was this show free, but it was close enough to drive to….and it happened to be located in my old home town. What better way to vaction with my lomo camera buddies than road trip to Vegas for a badass show, that’s FREE?!

We set out Saturday afternoon and stopped in a lovely cafe that goes by the name of Ginger.

I had a delicious falafel sandwich with carrot sticks and a veggie wrap for my wife. We stopped in St George to stay the night with a friend and set out early the next morning. Arriving many hours before our check in time, I decided to take Kylee to my old neighborhood and show her my house and high school.

After settling in to our hotel room we decided to hit the Strip for the obligatory Vegas pictures and experience. The Cosmopolitan took us by surprise, much more classy and elegant than any other casino.

Credits: lucid_dreamer

We had heard rumor of a mystical donut shop in Chinatown that sells scrumptious vegan donuts, there was no way that we could miss out. Enter Ronald’s Donuts…one maple bar, two glazed, a chocolate, and a cinnamon twist later and we were licking our fingers. They were so tasty that they disappeared before I could remember to take the picture I had been planning…I guess that’s just one more reason to stop by Chinatown.

Three trips the the mall, a raw meal, and a day later the night of the concert arrived. The Book & Stage (one of the many side lounges on the main floor of The Cosmopolitan) was quite a bit smaller than we expected, especially so because the band reserved all of the booth areas. After being kicked around we snuck up past the crowd barrier onto an unnoticed bench built into the side of the stage. It was a photographer’s dream only a few feet from the musicians…and only a few inches from the speakers.

I was extremely excited, not only for the show but for the potential pictures and the great location. I was also a little nervous. I’m fairly new to the film and lomography crew and concert lighting isn’t exactly easy…not to mention I was smart enough to only leave 2 frames on the roll in my Diana and 2 frames in my Holga…AND I didn’t have a tripod.

Credits: lucid_dreamer

I was a little less than pleased with how the pictures turned out, but I learned a few things and thoroughly enjoyed myself. The next morning we stopped into Whole Foods for some refreshing carrot ginger smoothies. Afterwords we quickly departed Sin City and retreated into the mountains.

Credits: lucid_dreamer

written by lucid_dreamer on 2011-03-24

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  1. nelka
    nelka ·

    I'll be stopping in Las Vegas in a bit with my hubby. I'll have to try Ronald's. Thanks for the tip!