La La La Larrrrrrr


So i got my pop 9 photies back yesterday, i did get them done on an hour but the processing place couldn’t find them so it took 3 days and they still had the cheek to charge me for an hours processing. Results are pretty spiffy though, when i next visit a pal over in sheffield, i’ll get them scanned in, bless he’s spent all week scanning my last meaning last years worth of photies i like in, there now on a stick winging there way to me hopefully. Ya

written by lu_lu on 2011-01-18

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  1. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    i don't want you to think I work for Asda and am trying to be their "employee of the month" or anything but if the waiting to get your friend to scan all your photos takes too long (I know it would for me!), Asda will put 4 rolls onto 1 CD for you for just 97p!!!!