Processing Blues


So the kids bought me a spinner 360 just before christmas for my birthday, we’d been dying to try it out and not had the chance due to the onslaught of family around the festive season, not one to be seduced by sunny weather we waited for a lovely rainy day (today yay). Left for school early so we could shoot a few rools of film before i had to drop them off figuring if i shoot in colour i can get it developed in the hour and take them to school so we could have a giggle, was i the best mom in the playground? hell yes but not because i had my photoes developed because every place i took them had an automatic machine that cut them in a pre determined size…gutted

written by lu_lu on 2011-01-13

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  1. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    I get all my films now developed at Asda as it is only £2 for an hour service (including spinner 360) but they can't scan or print with sprockets at the right length which is a bit of a bummer as I have just bought my fiance a spinner for xmas. There is a really good comapny in London (sorry I have no idea where you live) called west end cameras who can do spinner 360 scans and prints, although they are not cheap. They have a great mail order service too where you send them everything, tell them what you want and they do it then phone you to take a card payment and post the results back to you. The manager is a lovely guy and they know loads about Lomo and stock Lomo products. I have also just bought a new camera from ebay and the guy told me about a place called Peak Imaging and from the look of their website they are similar as well. Hope this helps you and happy spinning x