George Eastman: the great man!

At age 20, after a difficult childhood forward to taking his family with the savings he had started his interest in the world of photography.

In 1877 he began his photographic career to find the formula by which, by applying an emulsion of gelatin photographic glass plates to dry, was obtained from them a greater sensitivity and versatility than previous wet plates. Then formed the Eastman Dry Plate Company, to commercialize their innovations. Sought, partnering William Walker, a manufacturer of cameras, an easy and inexpensive method of capturing images.

Eatsman in 1884 made the first film in 24-exposure roll. In 1888 he launched another revolutionary device of small dimensions (18cm long) that was equipped with a charger than 100 exhibitions. Equipped with a fixed focus and a shutter speed of 1 / 25 seconds. After taking the last shot, sent to the house, revealing the 100 pictures and leaned back with another reel machine.
The cameras cost about $ 25.

In 1891 he invented the first film interchangeably in the light of day. Film on paper was passed in 1889 to celluloid film. In 1892 he founded the Eastman Kodak Company, one of the first companies to manufacture photographic material series.

It was the first company that introduced the distributed health services and benefits to its employees. Also an inventor, you may qualify technologist, organizer, leader and philanthropist especially since donated all his possessions, more than $ 100 million to medical institutions, artistic, educational and scientific. Invented, in addition, the Kodak Brownie in 1900, in 1923 the film camera 16 mm Cine-Kodak camera in 1932 and 8 mm.

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written by lu_bettyb00p on 2011-03-24