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So, a while ago, somewhere near the beginning of 2012 I began my university career, and with that; a simultaneous new passion called Analogue Photography.

I’d ordered my first lomo’s (Action Sampler and Fisheye One, OH YEAH) but just couldn’t wait for them to arrive in the post. So I began to do a little digging through my household and fell across and old Ricoh I remember taking on camp with me in junior school. I got an even bigger delight when I discovered an old, seemingly un-used film in the back.

Into my backpack it went and it came everywhere with me – taking photos of things I thought may look fun. Mostly it ended up taking photos of my campus and silly pictures of daily life. But when I finally had the spool developed, I discovered all my pictures were what I considered at the time to be ruined. Every single one had double exposed over pictures taken during my 7th school year in 2006.

Soon I started realizing the beauty in this disaster, since I had uncovered pictures of people who had passed and memories that had been forgotten and they had been merged with the life I was living now. And magic was made.

Stockings and grandmothers:

Credits: love_dimitra

Cousins and monsters on my bed

Credits: love_dimitra

Universities and old classroom walls

Credits: love_dimitra

Friends and Greek columns

Credits: love_dimitra

And things I can’t quite make out

Credits: love_dimitra

But I was hooked. I now own 14 analogue cameras; ranging from Baldi’s made in 1952, Canon SLRs made in 1971 and some fun ones like underwater cameras and obviously my lomographies. Photography is now a part of my life, and every new camera and every new spool in an exciting adventure..

written by love_dimitra on 2013-01-06