Hi there lomo lovers!

My name is Joël Kiel a.k.a. lomojoekie and i'm from the Netherlands. When i borrowed a Lomo Fisheye camera from a friend of mine, i was hooked that very instant. I purchased a Diana F+ El toro shortly after and started experimenting with different techniques and film. When i saw the Lomography Spinner 360º i wanted one soooo bad... so me and my friends drove all the way to Berlin (1200km to and from) to get us a couple of Spinners. All i can say is: Lomo on!!!!

Just a couple of weeks ago i bought a secondhand refurbished LC-A with a Colorsplash flash to go with it... man i love that camera!! I added the MX button and designed my own custom sticker to replace the leatherette. (i'll post some pictures when it arrives ;-) ).

Well that's it!! Sorry...have to go lomo now :P

Cheers JK

And remember: Lomo On!!!


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