• Lomography X Blurb: Analogue Rules in Paper & Film

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    Lomography X Blurb: Analogue Rules in Paper & Film

    Saving creativity manifested through physical mediums of paper and film is the aim of Lomography and Blurb Books.

  • Road Trippin With Zuli and the Sprocket Rocket

    written by Katherine Phipps on 2016-07-20 #gear #culture #people #places
    Road Trippin With Zuli and the Sprocket Rocket

    Lomography NYC chats with indie musician Zuli and his tour photographer Dave about experiences on the road, like how a broken down van was not so great in the moment but ended up making for a really great photo, and shooting with their new favorite camera, the Sprocket Rocket!

  • the canal

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  • Doubles - cycliste & jbeischer

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    A film swap between Washington D.C and London - cycliste's home - doubles album part 1

  • Lodhi Gardens

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    Such a fantastic idea to build a beautifully landscaped garden around heritage monuments, as a way to protect and yet keep open to the public. Not to mention, such a huge open space in the heart of the capital city. A Xpro film in the Diana, a few light leaks, sunset time, magnificent architecture and a walk with dad - PERFECT !!!

  • 史跡競演 -legacy of history

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    From ”filmsoup-swap” project with my favorite photographer fotobes. About this photo I shot first in Japan (Matsumoto Castle, Nagano), and then he started shooting in UK. He shot at Millennium Bridge, London. After finishing the roll he ”cooked” the film. On completing the roll, he mixed together some boiled water with silica gel and washing detergent, and left it to cool a little. Then he went into his make-shift darkroom and pulled out the film from the canister. Next he flicked and dabbed the ”soup” onto the exposed film. He waited for a few minutes and then rewound the film into the canister. Afterwards he went to the kitchen and dropped the film into just-boiled water, and after 5 minutes I transferred it into cold water for a minute. Then back in the darkroom he pulled the film out from the canister again and dried it with a hairdryer, and when done he rewound the film. The film was then developed at Asda, and scanned at The Vault in Brighton. We don’t discuss what we have each taken photographs of, so the results are always a surprise. Check out fotobes’s album from the same project.

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  • Conrad Bauer: a Summer Weekend at the Lake

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    Conrad Bauer: a Summer Weekend at the Lake

    Conrad Bauer is a Berlin-based actor, pro skateboarder and photographer. He already captured the streets of Barcelona for a previous showcase feature and now took the Lomo'Instant with him escaping the city for a summer weekend at a nearby lake.

  • Photographing Women in Nottinghamshire Can Be a Hate Crime - Says Local Police

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    Photographing Women in Nottinghamshire Can Be a Hate Crime - Says Local Police

    You may be alleged of hate crime if you take a photograph of a woman without permission at the the English county of Nottinghamshire.

  • The Curious Case of an Abandoned Bag of Kodachrome Slides in New York

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    The Curious Case of an Abandoned Bag of Kodachrome Slides in New York

    New York Times reporter Deborah Acosta documents her investigation in retracing and solving the mystery of an abandoned bag of Kodachrome slides.

  • In Colour: LomoAmigos Rachel Trachtenburg and Ruby June

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    In Colour: LomoAmigos Rachel Trachtenburg and Ruby June

    We're catching up with musician Rachel Trachtenburg and photographer Ruby June on the process of shooting (and shooting behind the scenes) on the set of Rachel's band Wooing for the music video of her single, "In Colour."

  • View the Iconic Film Equipment of Stanley Kubrick

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    View the Iconic Film Equipment of Stanley Kubrick

    American director Stanley Kubrick's tools for his trade -- the NASA Zeiss f/0.7 lens and his custom Mitchell 35mm cinema camera -- will definitely make all aspiring filmmakers and equipment junkies awe and excited.

  • Focus Control with the Petzval 58 Bokeh Control Lens

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    Focus Control with the Petzval 58 Bokeh Control Lens

    For a few weeks now, I call myself proud owner of the Petzval 58 Bokeh Control Lens and I must say: I love it! However, quite often I had a hard time with focussing. Then I had an idea...

  • Adam Goldberg: Daguerreotype Achromat Art Lens First Impressions

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    Adam Goldberg: Daguerreotype Achromat Art Lens First Impressions

    LomoAmigo Adam Goldberg took the Daguerreotype Achromat Art Lens around NYC to test what he now calls "the stunningly unique bokeh of the lens." Read more about his creation of these surreal double exposures and rave review of the lens here.

  • The Most Beautiful Subway Stops in the World -…

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    I felt like I knew her now, at least as well as one could. She was sensitive yet easy to be with, not the fickle, high maintenance girl I'd imagined. She always forgave my clumsiness. I understood that she had others, she gave her love so freely, so innocently, that I couldn't be jealous. I was happy to visit them and try and catch a glimpse of her. After all I knew, somewhere in the back of my mind, that she was as transient as life itself, and when she was gone, she would be gone forever.

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    First try of taking a portrait run at home. And i´m really happy with the results, but I´ts probably rather hard to take poor pictures of her.. :-)

  • Fuji Superia 200 exp

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    This film still has a great color! This is my favorite film

  • Lubitel + Purple

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    Photos from my vacation in August 2013. Lubitel 2 and Lomo Purple. ISO of this Picture: 100

  • RedScale with Holga 120N and Diana Multi Pinhole…

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    Dippemess is a tradition which dates back to the 14th century. At that time, the Maamess, as it was then called, was a medieval market for domestic articles. Potters from the Westerwald, Kannebäckerland and Urberach came here to sell their wares, especially their ceramic bowls and pots. These were known in the Frankfurt dialect as 'Dippe' from which the event soon took its name. Over the years, more and more fairground booths and popular attractions joined the market as well. The Dippemess today is Frankfurt’s largest fair and a lot of fun :)

  • Cameras in Depth: Handling a Pocket Camera

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    Cameras in Depth: Handling a Pocket Camera

    After two articles about viewfinder comparison, now I'm writing about ergonomics, providing some tips for choosing the camera that best suits your needs. In this article I concentrated on ergonomics of some popular pocket cameras.

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  • 幻想の園 -spring illusion

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    Triple exposure, with a selfmade splitzer for holga

  • Follow her down to a bridge

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    NO PHOTOSHOP - Kodak EIR (color infrared) Aerochrome film (E6 process) in a Holga 120 N camera with a Tiffen Yellow 12 filter.

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    Onkel-m gave me this doubles roll when I was in Vienna and said he shot urban art. I forgot that it was a sprocket rocket doubles so I started shooting kids in ballet school for the first frames using the Canon. Then when I remembered that it was a rocket roll, I took the film out of the camera and reloaded it to my rocket and shot the hood. the results came out interesting especially the part with the ballet I think. I really am delighted. I met onkel-m on my first day in Vienna. He is a delight to be with and just a dear friend to me now. Next time I would love to meet his dog Tara too. If you haven't been to his lomo home, I hope you pay it a visit soon because you will have a wonderful time there. Great lomographs I tell you!

  • For diana clone contest II.

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  • A day in the life

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    Our dots.

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  • My Kodak E100VS debut

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    Photo Of The Day at on November 3rd, 2012 --- One of July 2012’s most popular photos at --- Thank you very much Andrew Nash a.k.a. @druid, my Canadian bestfriend who give me this marvelous film =D

  • The Sea Salt Experience

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    I used this film with my fisheye with submarine case. Unfortunately, my submarine had some water leaks and the salted seawater came inside the camera and the film... When I gave it to my usual lab, they told me they couldn't process it as the film was wet... :( So I waited for a solution and let the film like that, unprocessed, in my room. After a month, I noticed that some strange signs of corrosion were to seen on the film canister, and thought that perhaps there was something interesting happening inside! But how could I process it??? And there I thought that this could interest Mr LabRat himself: Mandi! I wrote him and asked if he could process the film for me. And finally, almost 3 months after being shot, after a long maturation time and some special treatment to dry and process it, the pictures are here! Thanks a lot Mandi! ;)

  • Schönberger Strand II

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    Parliament square, Demonstration, Tblissi, Georgia Georgia is one of the Caucasian countries, that wants to losen the Russian grip on the Region. After the velvet revolution a few years back US-educated President Saakashvilli took over the reign from former SSSR minister of foreign affairs Shevardnadse, who still is a legend to many. After the change, democracy developed quite well and it is said, that in terms of media and freedom of speech Georgia is a good example for the whole Eastern hemisphere. But the economic situation remains complicated, because the country is depended on Russian gas and electricity and even more so on the payments of fellow countrymen working in Russia. I have the impression, that the Georgians are quite impatient and want to have an instant improvement of their social and monetary situation. Therefore the situation is quickly on fire and things could easily get out of control. In the end of September 2007 president Saakashvilli imprisoned a former minister and ally of him, who accused him of murder. This guy founded his own party and wanted to rise again from the ashes as a phoenix. The charges for sentencing him were corruption and blackmailing. The people and the opposition, on the other hand, thought that the president is abusing his powers to get rid of an opponent. The outcry was massive and on September 28th there was a demonstration in front of the parliament. The biggest opposition parties called for the people and the people came. The whole square was packed with crowd and they even climbed onto monuments and waved their flags. As so did I, hence it was the very best view on the scenery. Beforehand some even feared, that there is something happening like a counterrevolution and Saakashvilli is casted away. But nothing alike. The people demonstrated and the media in the west didn´t even take notice of it.

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    Macabebe was spared from being ravaged by Mt. Pinatubo's lahar in 1991. But the sudden increase in height of nearby lahar-affected towns in Pampanga has made Macabebe and other lower towns a catch basin for rain waters and extra vulnerable to floods. Thus, the recent typhoons and the release of water in nearby dams had flooded much of Macabebe. After the rescue and relief operation phase, we went there to extend psychosocial support through culture and the arts. Together with the junior level of Ballet Philippines and members of the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra, our group went with the Outreach unit of the CCP to the municipal building of Macabebe Took these outdoor shots before we proceeded to the performance site. These shots are part of the experimental roll which I submerged in saline solution resulting in the appearance of green fluid-like effect on the edges

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  • Westpark II

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    Second of 5 films I shot with 3 cameras in Munich's Westpark. First film ever I shot with my Lubitel 166B which my brother bought for me in Ukraine - for approx, 3,- €. Some of them are a bit lopsided - I had slight difficulties aiming with the Lubi. Need more practice... :)

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