• Go Small or Go Home: About the 110 Craze

    written by lomographysf on 2012-07-26
    Go Small or Go Home: About the 110 Craze

    We've had a very hard time keeping 110 film in stock; It's a good problem to have! Local San Francisco shooters and visiting tourists alike have responded incredible well to the bite-sized darlings of the analogue photography world. Where do you stand?

  • Fifty

    written by lomographysf on 2012-07-08

    A reflection on the growth of my camera collection, and the growth of my person.

  • Playing Favorites

    written by lomographysf on 2012-06-16
    Playing Favorites

    At Lomography, we love cameras. I mean, we really, really LOVE cameras. It always starts with one. The Oktomat, the ActionSampler, the Fisheye No. 1... What was your first? And do you still shoot with it?

  • Wanderlust

    written by lomographysf on 2012-06-01

    School's out for summer! Those who've been bound to the books for the past few weeks are surely excited to get out and see the world. Hopefully, you'll take your camera(s) along and document your Lomoventures. Where will the road take you?

  • the Diana World Tour: Setup

    written by lomographysf on 2012-05-10

    It's all hands on deck here in the Lomography Gallery Store San Francisco; We brought in all of our employees, and even some of our regular customers and photo-walk friends, to assemble and display this massive collection.

  • Finding Inspiration

    written by lomographysf on 2012-04-19
    Finding Inspiration

    Working for Lomography, we take more pictures in a week than some people do in a month! It's quite common to photograph the same places and faces over and over again... So how do we keep photography interesting for ourselves?