Current Obsession:Take a peek into the world of Team Starkid!

photo by: Lauren Thompson

My first introduction to the world of Team Starkid started with a viewing of their first youtube production, the hugely popular A Very Potter Musical . Their comical take on the book/movie franchise was ridiculous, in the best way possible.

The story of how Team Starkid came to be can probably be made into a musical in itself. Just a group of friends who majored in theater at the University of Michigan putting on plays/musicals for fun. Then comes Youtube and BAM! millions of fans later they are still creating some pretty nifty shows, even going on tour! Since 2009 they have made a total of 5 musical productions. From A Very Potter Sequel all the way to their latest release Holy Musical B@man!

What really gets me is the original music written for their shows. It takes me days to get the songs out of my head. The songs are pretty silly but well constructed, and work so well with the stories they are telling

If my fan-girling hasn’t convinced you, you definitely need to take a look for yourself. To get your Starkid fix head over to their website or catch them on their nationwide Apocalyptour. Check out tour dates to see when they will come to a city near you!

written by lomographyla on 2012-05-18