Get to know the Lomography Gallery Store LA! Introducing Elise Conway!

Credits: lomographyla

Coming to us from way of Nashville, Elise has very recently joined the Lomography LA family. At the store she can be found chatting with customers but on her free time she is most likely backstage at a rock show snapping away with one of her many film cameras.

Credits: eliseconway

Elise was introduced to Lomography five years ago, when she bought a purple fisheye. She describes photography as being her unspoken journal. Recently also acquiring an itch for writing using photos as inspiration. She describes Lomography as being in its self is such a unique style of art, “its mysterious in ways that it embraces the element of surprise in which only analogue photography can produce.”

Come take a look at her photos and don’t be a stranger if you see her in the store!

Credits: eliseconway

written by lomographyla on 2012-05-09