My First Best

I’ve been taking pictures with various cameras for such a long time, that I would be hard pressed to definitively decide on any sort of “best”. But since I’ve returned to film just recently, it is a bit easier to narrow that classification down within my more recent film shots.

I have a some good friends (Aimee, Courtney & Gary) whom I’ve known for well over a decade now, who have been in various bands at various times. Their current band together is The Monster Women. In their own words, they sound like “Spaced out garage rock; B-Movie Soundtrack, Hip shakin’ electro girl group pop.” They are a fun-loving, entertaining, and photogenic trio, and I have always enjoyed taking their pictures. In the past they have liked some of my pictures enough to use them in the artwork on their self-released CDs and their first record released last year. So far though, those have all been digital pictures.

This January, The Monster Women played a video release show, featuring their latest music video Colors, directed by our good friend Maria Matteoli. The gorgeous video was well received, and the band played a great set. That night I took my first roll of film using my Fisheye 2, including this one of the band after they played:

Credits: lmr

There are things about this picture I’m not so crazy about. The flash kind of overexposed Gary in the middle, and there’s the dark flash blob in the right hand corner under Courtney’s face. Aimee is well lit, and I do like the bits of balloons showing and the glitter from the tinsel curtain behind them. Despite some self-perceived flaws, I do think this picture somehow captures a bit of the essence of the band.

But even more importantly than that, I consider this my “First Best” because (as of 04/20/11, at least) the Monster Women themselves like it enough to use it as their profile picture on their Facebook page: The Monster Women Facebook Page.

For anyone who has had their curiosity piqued, you can check out their songs here on: The Monster Women Myspace Player. You can also see what music journalist Everett True has to say about them here: Everett True Collapse Board Spotlight.

written by lmr on 2011-04-20