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  • My First Best

    written by lmr on 2011-04-20
    My First Best

    Various factors can contribute to thinking something you've done is your "best". For me, my most recent "first best picture" taken with film, was achieved more by receiving a seal of approval from the subjects of the picture themselves.

  • Accidents Aren't Always All Bad

    written by lmr on 2011-04-07
    Accidents Aren't Always All Bad

    Sometimes I may think I'm doing one thing, just to discover later on, that in fact something else entirely was happening. Luckily, these "mistakes" aren't always necessarily such a bad thing. Here are some of my "mistakes" that resulted in happy accidents.

  • Learning As You Go: (Enjoy the ) Hits & (Learn From the ) Misses

    written by lmr on 2011-03-24
    Learning As You Go: (Enjoy the ) Hits & (Learn From the ) Misses

    I picked up my first Diana Mini roll today. There were definitely some hits and some misses. When one is new to the world of analogue, there is definitely a learning curve to figuring out the options one has with their camera. Don't let the inevitable misses discourage you.