The Hell With Perfection — Freedom for Photography!

Originality, Authenticity and Eternity

My painting celebrates this gift of creativity. Michelangelo’s ‘Creation of Adam’ is a hugely iconic piece, stunning and original it can definitely be classed as eternal. For me, lomography has one particularly iconic camera; the Diana F+, with its bright colour and quirky design, it immediately captured my imagination when I first saw it. It has already become an icon, proven by the mass of clones produced in the 60s and of course, its recreation by lomography. It has a highly original design which, I believe, may become as eternal as any great work of art already has.
Not only this, but the medium of analogue photography- film- is beautiful. It is permanent, like painting, and also has all the expressive capabilities which painting and drawing have. In my painting I have substituted the angels around God for film canisters. For me, film is a way of capturing memories. When we look back on pictures we are instantly transported to the moment we took them, to the event that was taking place. Photos help us remember some of the more important events in our lives, but also the more mundane things, like a walk through a forest or a quick drink with a mate. They are explosions of smells, sights and thoughts half forgotten and in this way I think they could be considered the perfect substitution for an angel. Angels, after all, are the souls of people who have passed on, they encapsulate the feelings and memories of that person; much like a simple photograph can.

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